About Sidney H. Sime

Sidney Sime was born in poverty in Manchester, England in 1867. Initially, his parents sent him down the mines to work as a ‘scoop pusher’. From this unpromising start he progressed to the Liverpool School of Art, and from thence to London, where he quickly made a name for himself as a magazine illustrator.His first series of Drawings - for Pick-Me-Up magazine - was collectively titled 'The Shades', and consisted of humorous sketches of life in the next world. This mixture of the humorous and bizarre was to be typical of Sime's output.

London at the turn of the century was experiencing the golden age of the popular magazine,and many illustrators were household names. The elite of this small band, however, were those who made the breakthrough into book illustration - men like Rackham and Dulac. Sime was to have one outstanding success in this field- his artistic partnership with Lord Dunsany.

Dunsany, an eccentric Irish peer, wrote fantasy in a vein entirely his own.Sime, another eccentric, was the ideal illustrator for these strange, yet often beautiful stories. In the opinion of many, he never surpassed this work.Towards the end of his life he became increasingly reclusive, and the man who had once loved the night life and theatres of 'nineties London spent most of his time in his cottage in Worplesden, Surrey.He died in 1941.
A small memorial gallery of his paintings, drawings and caricatures can visited at Worplesdon Memorial Hall, Worplesdon. Opening hours are 10.00-1630, Saturdays only. For more details, see
A Timeline of Sidney Sime's Life.

For a fine introduction to the works of Lord Dunsany, visit Jeff Wynoch's
Dunsany's Corner.


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